Wednesday, February 1, 2012


   I'm on the brink of major changes. So many situations/ideas/inspirations demanding my attention... I'm trying to stay in the moment and focus on each task at hand. It's a bit daunting. But good... Or it will be good, eventually. I know it!
  Did a bunch of mark downs, store wide, pretty much went through and adjusted the priceson just about everything. Priced to move! Check it!
 Keeping busy with projects. I found this vintage rhinestone buckle and turned it into a pendant. I'm really feeling the upside down pyramid these days. I have a number of vintage rhinestone pieces waiting to be turned into (probably) necklaces but I need to buy more chains and findings first.
 Tarot readings... A way to spend a few minutes thinking and pondering over a question or two. I was thinking of offering readings on my etsy but... I used to do Tarot for a living (about 14 years and via telephone) and "met" well, quite of few crazy people. so i dunno. I need to think about it for a bit longer...
  Made many little lady skirts from vintage fabrics/linen & trims, which have yet to be photographed, but will be soon... I took a bunch over to Bootyland so if you're in Seattle...
  I'm saving up for a studio lighting set up. I love the way outdoor pictures look but the weather is so unreliable that it's time for me to get a permanent indoor studio up.
Wishing you all positive changes and lucid dreams. xo m


  1. Love love love the necklace! What a great idea to turn the belt buckle into a pendant, it's perfect. Wishing you smooth transitions :)

  2. Wow your skirts are amazing!! Are they available to purchase anywhere?xx

  3. thank u ladies!
    I'll be adding the skirts to my etsy shop this week!
    xo m

  4. What a glorious space you have here.....i shall visit often x