Thursday, February 23, 2012

wuthering heights....

  I just added a pretty little herbal tisane to the shop. Perfect for sipping while you ponder a spring induced crush... stop by bluebell and bonnet and check out my "wuthering heights" tea. 25% off if you use the coupon code "DREAMLOVER" at checkout. yes... my dreams have been pretty crazy lately.

ahhhh transitions... xo m

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

dress line...

   I'm finishing up grading patterns for a few simple dresses to introduce to the shop. I think I'll make one of a kinds in vintage fabrics and also have a made to order option in simple colors and maybe a little hand painting on the body... so much work. It's a good thing but I wish I had an extra pair of hands. I can't keep up with all my ideas... I'll just keep writing them down and I'll get to them eventually.
 blending teas...
 assistant sunbather...
 I will probably make a few tanks out of old t shirts to put into the shop as well. time permitting...
my "cart"while thrifting... piles and piles of clothes and bags and shoes to list. Easing into Spring. I got lucky and came across a ton of lightweight knits for dress making. now to eat a quick lunch and get back to work. xo m

Friday, February 10, 2012

teas please!

   Finally!! I'm so excited that I had the time to put together a listing for my first organic tea blend. After many months of formulating and taste testing (it's been a pretty caffeinated fall/winter round here) I have 6 blends that I'm real into and today's debut tea is "Deadwood". A sultry spiced Darjeeling Chicory brew.

You can peruse the Bluebell & Bonnet tea shop here! All orders will be packed with a few little surprises as well. I can't wait to list my next blend. Can u guess what it'll be? xo m

Monday, February 6, 2012

made to order!

  I just did my first listing for a handmade (made to order) skirt. Maybe you have a little one who would love their own custom made Spring Fairy Patchwork skirt?

  Fun for twirling in (and chasing cats)! xo m

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


   I'm on the brink of major changes. So many situations/ideas/inspirations demanding my attention... I'm trying to stay in the moment and focus on each task at hand. It's a bit daunting. But good... Or it will be good, eventually. I know it!
  Did a bunch of mark downs, store wide, pretty much went through and adjusted the priceson just about everything. Priced to move! Check it!
 Keeping busy with projects. I found this vintage rhinestone buckle and turned it into a pendant. I'm really feeling the upside down pyramid these days. I have a number of vintage rhinestone pieces waiting to be turned into (probably) necklaces but I need to buy more chains and findings first.
 Tarot readings... A way to spend a few minutes thinking and pondering over a question or two. I was thinking of offering readings on my etsy but... I used to do Tarot for a living (about 14 years and via telephone) and "met" well, quite of few crazy people. so i dunno. I need to think about it for a bit longer...
  Made many little lady skirts from vintage fabrics/linen & trims, which have yet to be photographed, but will be soon... I took a bunch over to Bootyland so if you're in Seattle...
  I'm saving up for a studio lighting set up. I love the way outdoor pictures look but the weather is so unreliable that it's time for me to get a permanent indoor studio up.
Wishing you all positive changes and lucid dreams. xo m