Saturday, May 25, 2013


  One of my first girl icons was Nancy Spungen. Hmmm... what does it say about me that this was who I adored as a baby goth/punk 7th grader? I've always had a soft spot for schizophrenics. My friends and I all had "Sid & Nancy true love never dies" etc written on our folders with hearts drawn around it... And finding this book at a used bookstore one summer only fueled the fire!
  Now I pretty much like her hair (total hair inspiration of the summer!), black and white sweaters, blacked out eyes, micro mini skirts with fishnets or shredded stockings.

 This photo by Mary Ellen Mark is my favorite.

happy weekending! xo m

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  1. We SO would have been friends in high school! Although, I looked more like sid than Nancy! I was a total tomboy. I think for me it was in 8th/ 9th grade that I was Pistols-obsessed. :)