Thursday, July 5, 2012

oh, astral boutique (and new stuff!)

  My lovely pal Sasha (mistress of this domain!) seemed a little blue so I sent here a package. She even blogged about it at her wonderful blog, Astral Boutique, it totally made my day!!I got into blogging when my little one was a tiny baby and I was at home and lonesome and wanted like minded ladies to connect with... I'm afraid my blog dreams of a realm of many new friends weren't really realized in those early days but I did eventually meet the gem of a lady that is Sasha and I'm ever so happy to call her a friend. The kind of friend that I've never "seen" in real life (yet!!) but a true inspiration and a dear, always ready to answer questions or lend a little support over the occasional woes of our etsy lives...
  and speaking of etsy... well, I've been quite neglectful this work blog. I have been listing plenty of things in my shop, although June was slooow, July is picking up though! Stop by and check it out! see?

Summer is here, and I'm sooo glad! xo m